Being the first Indian (male or female) ever to climb to World No. 1 position in any competitive sport comes with a mountain of challenges. The journey also ensures that you fail and lose much more than you win. But the person who achieves the pinnacle despite the mountain of challenges carves the path for everyone else to follow.

India has won multiple medals at every single global level in shooting, including the Olympics, because one shooter helped them believe that if she can, they too can. Hear the mind-blowing stories of exhilarating highs and excruciating lows from Anjali Bhagwat herself. Modes of engagements include:

Corporate Speaking

Keynote speeches or boardroom sessions that can highlight multiple aspects from Anjali Bhagwat’s 30+ years of shooting career that share commonalities with young and seasoned professionals in corporates. A few of the past engagements include:

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